Policies/Get-Permit ...Steps & Agreement

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1. Agree to the Below Permit Policies - Terms of Use
2. Complete/Confirm Your Personal & ATV Information
3. Purchase (Credit Card As Paypal Guest or Your Paypal Account)
4. Email or Mail a copy of your ATV registration ...*Not required if same as last year.

Terms of Use

In consideration of being permitted to use the ATV/OHV trails promoted and maintained by Lewis County, I expressly acknowledge:
  1. That in compliance with New York State Laws, my ATV/OHV has the required registration and liability insurance;
  2. That I am physically fit and possess strength to participate in the sport of ATVing/OHVing and that I will not participate in the sport while under the influence of drugs or alcohol; 
  3. That I agree to observe, read, and abide by any and all notices posted from time to time by Lewis County which may pertain to my responsibilities as an ATV/OHV operator; and I will only ride on trails designated by Lewis County;
  4. That I grant Lewis County the right to utilize any photograph, videotape, motion picture, recording or other record of my use of its facilities for any legitimate purpose;
  5. That trail conditions vary constantly because of weather changes and ATV/OHV use. I also understand that rain, variations in terrain, moguls, rocks, forest growth, debris, other obstacles, and hazards including other ATV/OHV riders, exists throughout the area.
  6. Therefore, I acknowledge that the sport of ATV/OHVing is a hazardous activity and that I could suffer personal injury as a participant.
Return Policy ...No refunds or replacements stickers given, you must produce receipt if permit is lost or stolen. 

Questions ...Please contact us with any questions regarding the Lew County Trail Permit Policies. Please email us at emily@lewiscountychamber.org or call (315) 376-2213.

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